A to Z Grantwriting Individual Artist Workshop

Participant Evaluations

2 Hour Workshop

for 58 Los Angeles based artists

August 24, 2019

Art + Practice Exhibition Space, Los Angeles, CA


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How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of grantwriting?



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  • What Students Said About This Workshop!

“Linda gives massive amounts of information. There’s so much to choose from and she is always available for students. I think she’s a hologram or a transformer or something!”

“I’m an architect, but the information outlined in the grant workshop, is beneficial to all in the creative field. I enjoyed the presentation and will encourage my friends (artists and architects) to attend a workshop or participate in an online course.”

“I loved it! Quick, to the point & a lot of information.”

“Everything! Thank you for the information! Workshop was very helpful.”

“Very, awesome artwork—inspiring! Thank you for sharing your knowledge & time with the community—much appreciated!”

“Great overview & pace, I enjoyed the breakdown of the document. I appreciate Linda’s humor & how she approaches the questions. Thank you for sharing the options/variety for writing artist statements—’be yourself.’”

“Greatly appreciate the presentation’s direct rather than ‘read to’ approach with hand-out for in-program annotations and future resource. Q&A portion of program was personal, respectful and responsive. Thank you! I look forward to taking LV’s on-line course.”

“This instructor had a very good knowledge of the art of grant-writing and she was able to give us a lot of information about grant-writing. I specifically have what it takes to write a good artist statement to help one get a grant.”

“Blown away! Linda Vallejo really knows her stuff! This type of writing is a deep rabbit hole and Linda makes it seem possible and even pleasurable. Her own success is the best inspiration.”

“Wonderful approach for all levels of grant writers. Your attitude is bold & necessary. You’re inspiring & empowering.”

“Really appreciated how thorough the manual is. It made following the presentation easy & also is a great resource.”

“I am brand new to this and I really appreciate the straight-forward way you broke this down. I have a lot of work ahead of me and will be reaching out to learn more soon.”

“Linda was very thorough and gave different examples of things to look for and pay attention to when writing the grant.”

“The only feedback I have is that the workshop should be longer—to consume all of the information at hand. Love the energy & the jokes! :)”

“I enjoyed this workshop & very much appreciate the opportunity to attend & especially for no fee. It was inspiring & great information.”

“Thank you so much for this workshop. You were clear, concise, engaging and to the point.”

“Thank you for this information. The handout is great and I’m really interested in taking your online course. Thanks again.”

“I like the simple manual with bullet points that lay out the details of what you need to do to successfully finish a grant application.”

“Thank you for your time. You’re a fun speaker and following you throughout the presentation was a breeze.”

“Practical and applicable info. Thanks!”

“I didn’t realize that this workshop would address artist grants only. I’m more interested in grants to fund programs for student educational projects. I already have much of this information. Thank you for offering this workshop.”

“Manual is a good tool. Presentation was a bit dry. Could use more resources & graphics.”

“I would like to learn more about other areas like non-profit grant writing. However, this was both interesting and informative.”

“Great clarity on formal and informal process writing! The worksheet is solid gold!!”

“Interesting use of technology. We really like Bradford!!!”

“Linda is extremely knowledgeable. Learned a lot. Appreciative of the resources she provided.”

“I already know a lot of this information prior to taking this class. My take away—is I won’t be writing any grants.”

“This workshop really opened my eyes to the grant writing process. I now feel much more prepared and confident that I can apply for grants. I also LOVED that Linda is an artist and speaks from that vantage point.”

“Linda was very professional, knowledgeable and funny. She answered questions thoroughly. I feel like I learned so much. I would like to take her class. I have been looking for a class like this and there is much need for this class.”

“I really enjoyed how concise & clear the info was. You’re fascinating!!”

“Thank you for the lecture. I am working for a gallery and interested in finding grants for the represented artists and I think this lecture’s information will be helpful to get started.”

“Excellent, practical advice presented clearly and with humor. Suggestion about technology—use google docs & sheets & drive for storage. This screenshot question—having text able to be copied is important—so don’t do this method.”

“Great ‘real’ info for artists, delivered professionally with humor.”

“Linda is witty and very informative. She is patient yet firm. I really enjoyed this experience and have been interested in the A to Z Grant Writing course, this confirmed that I will indeed enroll.”

“Very good presentation. I am very happy to be here and I loved the workshop. I learn so much. I appreciate the workshop & art practice. Thank you for putting it on.”

“This learning experience was so beneficial to me as I am an emerging artist. It can be difficult to understand the gift of taking the art world on, but I found your tips to be helpful and easily digestible.”

“This workshop was filled with detailed information formatted in an extremely digestible manner. Not only was the content thorough, but the pace and personality Linda brought along with it made it easy to engage with and process. I’m also grateful for the extra resources and advice she included throughout the presentation. Lastly, the decision to not include the PowerPoint while she speaks allowed the audience to focus on her/her words, adding to the digestibility of this presentation.”

“I felt Linda was extremely knowledgeable and engaging about balancing artist life with the more practical nature of funding. Finding ways to embrace and cultivate your mission in ways that build connections with people and finding rather than pigeon-holing myself into every opportunity. Developing strong sense of self within the process was very well clarified. You are a very inspiring and motivating speaker with an emphasis on being there and doing the work.”

“This was a great initial introduction to how to position all parts of an artist grant proposal. A necessary deep dive with a nice life raft to allow you to float along in the deep, dark waters.”

“Linda Vallejo is incredibly well-informed, humorous and honest about her experience in grant writing. Her workshop is filled with amazing insights and tips. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about the process!”

“Build relationships with gallery owners & curators because they are as broke as we are.”

“Linda was clear about the content and presented it in an energetic and considerate manner. Her presentation helped me brush up on particulars, such as the aspects of an artist statement.”

“It was refreshing to listen to Linda speak on the arts and grant writing. She tied in the materials with real examples that I could relate to. I could follow the subject materials clearly.”

“This was an extremely informative & helpful workshop. Linda clearly knows her stuff. I’m definitely going to implement many of her suggestions, tips & ideas in my future grant proposals and other aspects of my artistic practice. Thank you!”

“Linda graciously shared her knowledge of individual grant writing & inspired me to be fierce and persistent in my artistic endeavors.”

“Manual is a good tool.  The presentation was a bit dry. Could use more resources and graphics.”

“Exquisite detail. Certainly worth my time and attention.”

“Linda’s class helped clarify a wide spectrum of info on grants. Also her information on the art world in general helped me find a way back into that world after an absence in showing my art.”

“Linda was very frank and direct in the best way with her responses.”

“As I came in, I felt overwhelmed and an extreme lack of awareness around the grant writing process. As I sat through the class I began to have and gain a sense of confidence that grant writing, and most of all grant receiving, is attainable. The idea of taking a class with Linda brings relief to the idea of starting, continuing and finishing the grant writing process. I’m also willing to try and try again.”

“Even if we know how important it is to be organize, it is always useful to be reminded—and also to be reminded to have confidence about our works! Thank you for putting everything down in these steps. I hope I will make it one day and receive a grant! Your help is very important.”