deb3321 Art Space, Pasadena, CA

1.5 Hour Workshop for 12 individual artist participants

May 24, 2015

No Response Poor Fair Good Excellent
How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of grantwriting? 100%
How would you rate your instructor’s presentation? 25% 75%
How would you rate the instructor’s attention to your specific needs? 33% 67%
How would you rate the overall workshop experience? 1 16% 84%
How would you rate the workshop manual? 16% 84%

Participants Evaluated Their Grantwriting Knowledge Before AND After the Workshop (1 lowest, 10 highest)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting before 26 26% 18% 34% 8% 8% 8%  8%
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting after the workshop?  33% 17% 42% 8%


Students Advance Their Grantwriting Skills


What Our Students Said About This Workshop!

    • “I am really surprised about how much we covered in just an hour and a half.  I came in with some knowledge of grantwriting but this workshop was very practical and helped me thing about hinges from a new perspective.  One of the most helpful aspects of this workshop was learning to be more comfortable in talking ab out my own work.”
    • “I have known of Linda Vallejo’s grantwriting instruction for many years.  She is an engaging and relevant artist and a great communicator.  Her knowledge of the grantwriting process comes not only from years of writing grants for others but also from being an artist herself aware of the frustration of trying to make art and get support.”
    • “I found the information about the detailed process of grantwriting very helpful.  The knowledge shared in this workshop.  I had no prior understanding of grants or grantwriting.  It really helped to know what options are out there for artists.”
    • “I came in knowing very little about grantwriting and after an hour and a half I know so much more.  I have a cleqr4er sense of the path I need to take and strongly feel that I have more of the resources I need to get there.”
    • “Linda presented a very strong introduction to the subject.  She de-mystified the topics and also gave a good intro on the language and customs of the field.  I learned how to build a career as well, which was an unexpected bonus. Thanks!” “The information provided was very good as to the tools necessary for grantwriting pertaining to artists.”
    • “Linda provided easy, understandable tips, well documented and put together.  A self-starter guide to writing the best fitting grant.”
    •  “It was great to learn rom and artists who has gone through the same challenges as everyone applying for grants.”
    • “This workshop helped point me in the right direction for pursuing the development of an artist residency program.”
    • “The A to Z Grantwriting Workshop Binder is extremely helpful.”