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Consultation Services


Consultations focused on helping non-profit organizations

  • develop, implement, and evaluate programs and projects
  • organize fundraising efforts and gather individual donors
  • establish grantwriting campaigns to foundation, corporate, and government funding sources
  • fundraising and grantwriting efforts as well as one-on-one consultations with individuals artists.


Consultations focused on helping individual artists

  • create campaigns to expand exhibition opportunities
  • develop working relationships with critics, curators, scholars and gallerists
  • use published materials and documents to advance opportunities for exposure and support


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A to Z Grantwriting Seminars for Non-Profit Organizations


    • presents a step-by-step overview of the grantwriting process including finding and communicating successfully with good match funders 
    • provides students with the skills, tools and resources to submit ongoing successful proposals to a diverse field of funders.
    • engages students in substantive discussions to help them in the learning process

Seminars are an excellent opportunity for the novice as well as for the intermediate and advanced grantwriting professional in focusing and honing their skills. It has been specifically developed for non-profit professionals include representatives in education, arts, health, environmental, health social service, faith-based, higher education institutions, government agencies, and individuals wishing to become consultants.

Organizations and agencies are encouraged to send teams of 2-3 representatives to establish a successful grantwriting team where everyone is on the same page.



    • Implement a successful grantwriting campaign for long-term funding and stability
    • Find and organize “good match” potential foundation, corporate, and government funders to support program efforts
    • Establish a well-organized and productive grantwriting team and office
    • Develop positive ongoing communications with potential funding sources and collaborative partners, and supporters
    • Eliminate the stress and chaos of submitting proposals at the last minute
    • Consolidate a complete proposal package required by all funding sources including measurable objectives, evaluation, plan and budgets


    • A to Z Grantwriting Manual with targeted resources, tools and samples
    • Personalized list of good match potential funders to help them get started in the grantwriting process


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A to Z Granwriting Seminars for Artists

    • helps artists to prepare a full proposal package to submit for fellowships, residencies, and exhibitions.
    • engages artists in an open conversation about the art world and how to obtain needed support and opportunities for sales and exhibitions in community, regional, and national venues.



    • Understand the complete individual artist proposal package elements including resume, bio, artist statement, work samples, and budget
    • Read and understand sample artist fellowship and residency application(s)
    • Write an artist statement, bio, resume



    • A to Z Workshop Manual
    • Links to regional, state, national and international individual artist grants, fellowships, and residencies.


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